Why Do You Need To Get a Cavity Treated or Filled if It Does Not Hurt?

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Why do you need to get a cavity treated or filled if it does not hurt? This question has come up frequently from our patients. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to fill a tooth that has decay in it before it starts to have symptoms. That’s because, by the time a cavity starts to hurt, that means the decay has already spread very deep in the tooth and is beginning to affect the nerve at this point.

If you treat and or fill these areas early (we look for these during routine checkups and cleanings) they are usually able to be treated with a simple filling. Conversely, if you wait until there is pain, the decay and cavity will require more advanced treatments. This can be beyond just a filling and may require a crown or even a root canal. Also, if the decay or cavity is too extensive the tooth may even need to be extracted, which can lead to more complex issues in the future.

Furthermore, when tooth decay is painful that can mean there is an active infection. Infection can spread to other teeth in the mouth and you can even spread the bacteria that causes tooth decay to other people (via kissing, sharing food or utensils, etc). Therefore, it is important that you treat tooth decay and cavities as soon as possible to avoid more extensive dental problems from arising.

If you suspect you might have dental decay or a cavity, or it has simply been a while since your last dental checkup,  Dr. Kime Whitman and our team invite you to give us a call at 703-831-3952 and schedule a dental cleaning and checkup. At Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we look forward to helping you and your family members with all of your dental needs, including essential preventative care!