Meet Our Dental Hygienist in Leesburg, VA

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Our Dental Hygienist in Leesburg, VA


Dental Hygienist

Hi! I’m Ashley and a dental hygienist at the office. I love to get to know all of our patients and help them keep their smiles as healthy as possible. I’m here to answer any questions you have about your oral health so don’t hesitate to ask! 

I’m an Army brat who has moved around a bit, but was mainly raised in Richmond, Virginia. I also went to hygiene school at VCU (Dr. Whitman went there as well!) I moved to northern Virginia in 2007 and this is my home now! I live close by with my son and husband. I am an artist at heart, and I love to paint and draw (you can even spy one of my paintings in one of our operatories!) I also fancy myself an amateur gardener and my favorites plants to grow are sunflowers! Last but not least, I am a foodie and LOVE all types of food. Remember to take care of those teeth so you can eat all the good things! 


Registered Dental Hygienist

Emily completed her undergraduate studies at George Mason University before choosing to further specialize in the field of dental hygiene. She earned her professional degree in 2006 from Lord Fairfax Community College, and we were thrilled to welcome her to our team in October 2022. From the moment she joined us, Emily has felt a genuine sense of belonging among our team.

Emily possesses a profound empathy for patients who experience dental anxiety. She greatly values Dr. Whitman’s honest and straightforward approach to treatment recommendations, instilling in her a deep sense of trust. This trust, in turn, fuels Emily’s commitment to delivering the highest standard of care to our patients.

Outside of the clinic, Emily enjoys an active family life with her husband, Mike, and their four sons. They are avid snow skiers, yet Emily’s favorite place to be is the ocean.

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