Temporary Tooth Made in Just 24 Hours for Patient with Facial Trauma

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Dr. Kime Whitman recently tended to a patient who required an emergency appointment due to trauma and needed a temporary tooth.

The patient had suffered severe trauma to the face, including a fractured jaw and a lost front tooth. Since the patient was in pain but required treatment, the Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry team was able to painlessly scan her mouth to have a temporary tooth made so she would not have to be missing a tooth and did not have to undergo scans that required physical contact.

As a result, Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry had a temporary tooth ready for her in just 24 hours, and the patient was pleased with the aesthetics. She was most happy that she did not have to go without a front tooth for months while the area healed in preparation for a front tooth implant.

Now, the patient has a realistic temporary tooth while she heals and prepares for an implant in the coming months to fully restore her smile.