Restoring Patient’s Front Teeth for Matching Crowns and Bridges

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A patient came to work with Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry because she disliked the color of her natural front teeth.

Over the years, this patient had multiple fillings in these teeth, which had become stained and were breaking down, causing discoloration. In addition, there was leakage around the large restorations, which caused further discoloration and cavities underneath the fillings.

The patient also had a dental bridge on the right side of her mouth and crowns on her left side and wanted the rest of her front teeth to match these restorations.

After understanding the patient’s goals for her smile, Dr. Kime Whitman designed a treatment plan that included Invisalign to bring the front teeth into proper alignment first. Once the front teeth were properly positioned, the decay was removed from the teeth, and temporary crowns were placed.

Dr. Kime Whitman completed all of the prep work for the restorations in just one visit. The patient also received digital scans from an in-office iTero scanner, which allowed the Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry team to take contactless measurements of her smile for the crowns.

In two weeks, Dr. Kime Whitman removed the temporary dental crowns and placed the permanent ones. The patient was in disbelief when she saw her before-and-after photos and could not stop smiling!