Repairing a Patient’s Damaged Tooth With a Filling

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A patient came into Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for a comprehensive exam, cleaning, annual checkup and X-rays. His chief complaint was that he had noticed a hole in the side of one of his teeth.

Fortunately, the patient did not have symptoms of pain or sensitivity. However, he did notice that food was getting stuck in that area. The hygienist and Dr. Kime Whitman noticed that the patient had lost a great deal of enamel and even dentin, the layer underneath the enamel, in this area. This loss of tooth structure was ultimately compromising the strength and health of the tooth.

The concern was that if the patient bit down into something hard, the top part of the tooth where the hole was could snap or fracture due to the lack of structural support.

Dr. Kime Whitman recommended a filling to cover the exposed areas of the tooth lacking dentin and enamel. A dental filling would also give the tooth enough support for the patient to eat normally and comfortably without worrying about a future fracture.

Once the filling was complete, the patient was very happy with the results. He was impressed by the complete lack of pain and discomfort during the procedure, how fast the appointment was, and how normal his smile looked afterward. He stated that the material used in the filling looked extremely natural compared to older fillings he had done in previous years from other dentists.

This patient now has a strong tooth that is not at risk of breaking, and food cannot get trapped in the hole that was previously there, giving him a simple yet effective restoration.