Patient Suffered from Older Discolored Dental Veneers and Wanted a New ‘Glossy’ Smile

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This patient of Dr. Kime Whitman had come in with a dental veneer that popped off. She had existing veneers from side to side, but was very unhappy with the appearance of her smile. Her dental veneers were old, and she said they were monochromatic and not glossy. She wanted something that was more natural looking, so Dr. Kime Whitman discussed a treatment plan to replace all of her old, discolored veneers, and provide a vibrant natural-looking smile that matched her natural teeth color.

Within two weeks, Dr. Kime Whitman was able to replace all of her dental veneers, providing her ‘lipstick ready’ smile which you can see in the before/after photos. When we completed her treatment plan, she was very pleased with her new glossy smile.