Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry Team Attends Virginia Dental Association Meeting

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Dr. Whitman and her team recently attended the Virginia Dental Association meeting, which was held in September 2022 after being canceled for the last two years due to COVID. There, they learned about some exciting new technologies, updates, and products in the field of dentistry, including infrared light therapy, and took administrative and clinical courses.

Infrared Light Therapy Technology
One of the biggest and most exciting changes the team learned about is the incorporation of infrared light therapy into the field of dentistry.
The specific device is called RED, an FDA-approved medical device that helps increase blood flow and stimulate healing. Infrared light therapy can help patients with TMJ disorders to reduce inflammation of the surrounding muscles and ease jaw joint pain and discomfort.
The RED device can also be used to accelerate healing after a crown, filling, root canal procedure, or any major dental work. The entire team is very excited to announce that this non-invasive therapy will soon be available at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

Administrative and Clinical Courses
Many courses were available at the Virginia Dental Association meeting. The front desk staff took several administrative courses to expand their knowledge and learn how to make the Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry practice flow more smoothly.
The team-building experience allowed the staff to learn how to function better as a team with effective communication in order to create the best patient experience possible.

Dr. Whitman also took several clinical courses that demonstrated complex cases regarding patients suffering from severe bruxism and TMJ disorders and how to restore damage done to the teeth to expand her knowledge to better serve patients with multi-faceted dental issues such as these.

Continuously Striving to Better Serve Our Patients
The Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team continuously strives to provide our patients with industry-leading knowledge, skills, devices, and products to better meet their dental needs. The team plans on making this annual trip to attend the Virginia Dental Association meeting to better ourselves, our professional skills, and stay current on the constantly changing and advancing field of dentistry to better serve our patients.