In-Office Glo Whitening Brightens Couples’ Smiles

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Two couples recently came in to see Dr. Whitman for in-office GLO whitening, a teeth whitening procedure that uses a non-irritating hydrogen peroxide solution, light, and heat, to whiten each tooth. GLO makes both professional treatments and take-home products for patients wanting whiter smiles.

One of the couples did their teeth whitening procedure as a holiday gift, while the other couple is getting married very soon, and they both wanted to brighten their smiles for wedding photos ahead of time. GLO professional in-office treatments work in just under an hour to whiten teeth without sensitivity right at your dentist’s office.

With in-office GLO whitening at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, each person gets a take-home kit to continue the whitening process, including any needed touch-ups, for months down the road. These kits don’t use any trays or strips—GLO whitening comes in vials, which contain a no-drip gel that you simply “brush” onto your teeth to whiten them, no rinsing needed. You can even do GLO whitening on-the-go to whiten your teeth before an event!

Both couples who received GLO teeth whitening with Dr. Whitman were very happy with the outcome of their teeth whitening procedures and left with bright white smiles!