GLO Teeth Whitening Improves Patient’s Smile Better than OTC Treatments

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Having whiter teeth is on just about everyone’s wish list. Dr. Whitman provides GLO in-office professional teeth whitening for a simple and effective treatment option for patients who want a brighter, more attractive smile.

Dr. Whitman recently assisted a patient who wanted whiter teeth but had not seen great results with the over-the-counter products she had tried. The patient had decided a professional teeth whitening was the best way to get her dream smile.

At Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Whitman worked with this patient for a treatment that lasted about 90 minutes. Together, the patient and Dr. Whitman compared the shade of her current teeth with the results that she wanted when the treatment was complete.

Overall, the treatment consisted of four cycles of whitening which made the patient’s teeth a total of four shades whiter for a dramatic improvement to her tooth color. The patient was very pleased with the outcome, especially when compared to the OTC products she had tried. The patient now has a whiter smile to enjoy thanks to GLO with Dr. Whitman!