GLO In-Office Whitening Gives Patient a Bright Smile for the Holidays

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A patient came to Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry because they wanted to have whiter teeth for the holidays. Although they had had their teeth whitened in the past, they wanted to improve their smile and get rid of stains. With all the festivities of the holidays and get-togethers, the patient wanted their teeth to look less dull and more bright before seeing family and friends.

Dr. Kime Whitman worked with the patient to provide professional teeth whitening with the GLO in-office whitening system. GLO allowed the patient’s teeth to jump three shades lighter in just under an hour. The patient was able to have their teeth whitened during a quick appointment, then they were on their way to enjoy the holidays.

The patient, who had previously had their teeth whitened with Zoom, was very happy with the completed treatment and results. “I have done Zoom professional whitening before, and the GLO system was so much better. I had so much sensitivity with the Zoom and very little, almost none, with the GLO. The results were also better and faster.”

With their newly whitened teeth, the patient can smile bright for the holidays and into the New Year!