Dr. Whitman & Her Team Attend Fundraiser Against Poverty in Loudoun County

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Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is proud to be a part of the Loudoun County community, and honored to be able to give back. On September 15 of this month, Dr. Whitman and her team attended a fundraiser through the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and One Sparrow.

One Sparrow is a non-profit organization based in Virginia that sponsors events in the local community for causes both close to home and worldwide. Their work helps to improve health, education, and employment in the areas they benefit.

The goal of this particular fundraiser that Dr. Whitman and her team participated in was to help reduce poverty and homelessness in Loudoun County, as well as supporting relief efforts in Haiti.

The event was a Charity Lip Sync Battle hosted at Tarara Winery located in Leesburg. Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry was proud to be a sponsor of the event and raffled off $500 towards Invisalign. Dr. Whitman’s practice also continues to offer free professional teeth whitening to all new patients.

The participants in the lip sync battle were talented and entertaining, dancing and singing to everything from songs from the hit movie Frozen to Frank Sinatra and Beyoncé!
Dr. Whitman and her team were excited to be able to sponsor this event and to work with One Sparrow to improve both our local and worldwide communities for the better!