Dr. Whitman Assists Patient With Damaged Filling Causing Gum Discomfort

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Dr. Whitman was able to help a patient who hadn’t seen the dentist in quite some time. The patient originally came in with a complaint of gum pain. There was food trapped between the patient’s teeth in the affected area, which was being pushed down into the gums and causing inflammation. The patient was also experiencing mild gum bleeding as a result.

The patient was constantly flossing and cleaning the affected area; however, the symptoms persisted. The patient shared they were not always able to get all the trapped food and plaque out from between their teeth in this particular area.

After conducting an exam, Dr. Whitman identified an old filling that was broken in the patient’s mouth. A gap had formed between the filling and the adjacent tooth, which was the reason why the food and plaque were becoming trapped in this area. The patient needed to have their filling repaired in order to resolve their symptoms.
Dr. Whitman removed the old filling before cleaning out all the debris in the affected area. She was able to repair the tooth with a simple new composite resin filling to close the unnatural gap and prevent food and other debris from getting stuck and causing gum discomfort. The patient was very happy with the results and shared that Dr. Whitman’s care had improved their quality of life!