Case Study: GLO Whitening Completes Patient’s Dental Restorations

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A patient who was completing his dental restorations at Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry had his final dental implant placed on the upper right side of his smile.

His teeth were previously whitened with GLO Whitening technology using both the professional in-office whitening procedure and the take-home kit. Now that his implant crown is in place, it matches his new smile perfectly thanks to his previous whitening treatments. His dental restorations are now complete!

The patient is very happy with the results and continues to maintain his white teeth at home with take-home GLO kit. Although the kit can be sold separately, the results aren’t as effective as having both the in-office whitening procedure done in addition to the at-home treatment.

GLO Whitening includes the application of 10 percent hydrogen peroxide through heated technology in the mouthpiece. As GLO Whitening is a closed system, it helps prevent the oral cavity from becoming dry, meaning there’s lower risk of damage to the tooth enamel from the mouth drying out.

The in-office and take-home whitening GLO offers was the best option to reach this patient’s whitest smile, and the at-home kit allows him to maintain his daily lifestyle and enjoy the foods and drinks he loves without worrying about staining his teeth.