Case Study: Dr. Whitman Restores Teeth of Patient With Teeth Grinding Damage

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At Leesburg Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Whitman was able to assist a patient who had extensive damage from bruxism, or teeth grinding. This particular patient had been a heavy grinder his entire life, and this had a significant impact on his teeth. Some of his teeth had such severe wear that he had sensitivity from nerve exposure.

Fortunately, Dr. Whitman was able to help restore the patient’s smile. Anterior crowns—those placed at the front of the mouth—were done for the patient to protect against further tooth damage and restore the appearance of the teeth. She also needed to complete a root canal on one of the patient’s front teeth before she put the crown on to completely restore the tooth.

Now that his smile is improved and protected from sensitivity, the patient is now wearing a custom-fit mouthguard every night. The mouthguard is necessary to protect his new dental crowns from being worn down in the long-term. Dr. Whitman was happy to have been able to work with this patient to correct his teeth grinding damage!