Aligning a Patient’s Front Teeth for a More Even Smile Without Braces

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Having straight teeth can improve the function of your teeth as well as your appearance, but not everyone wants to get braces to have a stunning smile.

Dr. Kime Whitman and her team at Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry recently worked with a patient that had a tooth that was set back adjacent to the patient’s front teeth. While he wanted all his teeth to be in alignment and match, he didn’t want to get any type of orthodontics or have braces for months to resolve the issue.

To correct the appearance of the teeth, Dr. Kime Whitman placed a single crown over the tooth to bring it into alignment with the rest of the patient’s front teeth. Particular attention was given to matching the contour and shade of the crown with the surrounding teeth to make the restoration look as natural as possible.

After the crown placement, the patient was extremely pleased with the final outcome. He appreciated the simplicity and quickness of the treatment, which only took two appointments over the span of two weeks, rather than having braces and multiple orthodontic visits for several months just for a single tooth.