A Timely Reminder of Oral Cancer Awareness

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April was Oral Cancer Awareness Month, a crucial time to spotlight the rising cases of oral cancer, which are increasing each year. Alarmingly, men are twice as likely to develop oral cancer compared to women. Key risk factors include smoking, alcohol consumption, chewing tobacco use, HPV infection and exposure to sunlight.

During your visit for an annual checkup or cleaning, did you know that a routine part of our service includes an oral cancer screening? This important process involves a thorough examination of various areas within your oral cavity and along your neck. Most patients are unaware that during their cleaning, we meticulously check the tongue (especially the sides, which are common sites for oral cancer), under the tongue, cheeks, throat and all the gums and surrounding tissues.

Self-examination is another proactive step you can take at home. We encourage you to regularly check these areas yourself. If you notice any suspicious areas that haven’t healed or subsided within two weeks, it’s essential to contact our office. Prompt evaluation of such symptoms is crucial.

Remember, it’s better to be safe and get checked early. Our team is here to assist you and ensure your mouth remains healthy. Let’s work together to fight oral cancer and keep your smile safe. Your health is our priority, and early detection is key.

Our Leesburg Family and Cosmetic Dentistry team in Leesburg, VA, is pleased to schedule a visit with Dr. Kime Whitman if you would like an oral cancer screening or book a consultation. You can reach us at 703-831-3952 today!